Warranty Information

One Year Limited Cabinet Warranty.

Excel Cabinets Inc. warranties, for a period of one year from the date of installation, all cabinets and related cabinetwork manufactured by Excel Cabinets.

Excluded Are the Following

Adjustments required at a later date due to settling of the house and/or excessive use. This may include re-caulking of ceiling moldings and cabinet ends against the wall. Door and cabinet face joints with hairline cracks. Drawer and misc. hardware adjustments.

Ordinary wear and tear, water damage, and damage caused by neglect or misuse of others.

Color variation due to the natural color and texture of wood. Each piece of wood reacts in different ways when finish is applied. Dark mineral or small pin knots and possible hairline cracks may be present and does not constitute replacement.

Minimal warpage in doors and drawers 1/8 of an inch + or – will not be means for replacement.

Paint grade cabinets and doors that have been painted with excessive water based products of any sort.

Dark color stains that have been chosen on any species of wood will always show a contrast of inconsistency in color. This is mostly noticed on cherry woods that will have black streaks and swirls known as burls in the wood. These burls can often have a fuzzy appearance and touch to them; this does not mean the finish is incorrectly applied.

Warn or pulled off bumper pads.

White Thermofoil doors that were exposed to extreme heat, like an oven.

White Thermofoil cabinets that have been selected are constructed of popular with applied low sheen of waterborne products. Doors are made of MDF with a vacuum-sealed foil. These products are bright white and often tend to look blue/gray in some cases due to lighting or reflections. The cabinet frame may also vary from sealed foil. These items will not constitute replacement.

Fading and yellowing is a fact in natural woods with light and dark colors, however fading is known to be more evident in maple and cherry woods. You may notice a picture frame affect when cabinet doors re open. The area of door that surrounds the frame is not exposed to lights as frequent causing a delay in fading. Any refinishing or tinting, may present other discoloration and problems in the future that will void all warranties.